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Stay Connected: Finding the Right Telecom Service

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August 2015

For businesses large and small, telecommunication services are vital in order to remain competitive. Without the proper telecom solution, companies risk losing the ability to communicate with customers, sales teams, franchises, and vendors―any of which could prove crippling when dealing with slim margins or in a service or e-commerce industry.

Given the importance of connectivity, it’s no wonder businesses are spending more on telecommunications than ever before. According to one study, business spending on telecom services in the U.S. will reach $184 billion by 2016, with an annual growth rate of nearly 5%. Another study indicates that spending on telecom and related network services is equal to almost 4% of company revenue. No question, telecom service is a big investment. How can a business ensure that it has the right solutions at the right price point to meet its challenges?

In some cases, the size of the company dictates its telecom needs. For instance, small- and medium-sized businesses may lack the IT staff to maintain an on-premise system. For these businesses, a cloud-based solution may be the answer. Cloud services, such as Innovatix contracted supplier Fusion, provide such features as voice, Internet access, data storage, and more, without requiring a business to host servers or other hardware on-site. No installation, lower upfront costs, and more flexibility for adding users make cloud services an attractive option for many small businesses.

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Ahead in the cloud:

According to a recent study, small- and medium-sized businesses using cloud technology to address telecom challenges grow 26% faster and deliver 21% higher gross profits.

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For larger businesses or those with multiple locations, the challenge may be managing a complex decentralized telecom system. In addition to phone connectivity, employees at these companies often need to collaborate and access real-time data when working remotely. These businesses may choose to pursue wireless solutions for their telecom needs, such as those available from Innovatix contracted supplier Sprint. In addition to discounts on data plans and devices, wireless solutions offer the ability to manage a mobile workforce while ensuring that communications are unified and secure. For businesses with a field team, a centralized mobile solution is a must for staying competitive and keeping costs in line.

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Hot off the wire:

Wireless expenditures for U.S. businesses are expected to grow at a compounded rate of 9.4% for the five-year period ending in 2016.

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Of course, choosing the proper telecom solution is not always so cut and dried. New businesses may be unfamiliar with telecom services and need help assessing their needs. Businesses that are growing often find their requirements changing or need help setting up service in a new location. Even well-established businesses might find their telecom costs rising without any noticeable benefit. In these cases, they may choose to hire a telecom consulting firm to assess their situation and point them to the best possible solution.

“Another consulting firm?” you may ask. “Won’t that just eat up more of our budget and offer advice we’ll have to pay even more to implement?” When it comes to a telecom consulting firm, the answer is absolutely not. For example, Innovatix contracted supplier CrosStar Network Solutions takes a carrier-neutral approach to assessing telecom needs and negotiating pricing on behalf of its clients for voice, wireless, data, and other services. According to CrosStar, businesses using this service typically save an average of 15% to 40% on their telecom costs, making it an investment that truly pays off. Another Innovatix contracted supplier, OneConnect, provides complimentary audits of telecom services to aid our members in receiving better pricing and not paying unnecessary charges. Businesses that use this service can receive fully supported project management if they opt to switch to a product that better meets their needs.

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Check yourself:

Based on recent estimates, businesses may spend up to 26% more than necessary on telecommunications, due to avoidable or erroneous charges.

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When it comes to finding the right telecom service, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Taking the time to assess your needs and finding the right solution―be it cloud, mobile, or working through a telecom consultant―will pay off in the long run.

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Innovatix Telecommunications Vendors

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Cloud Services


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Wireless Solutions

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Telecommunications consulting, auditing, and project management

CrosStar Network Solutions

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Interested in finding telecom savings for your business?  Contact your Innovatix B&I Customer Care Representative today at

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