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What is a GPO?

A group purchasing organization, or GPO, provides its members with discounts on the supplies, products, and services they need to run their businesses. By aggregating the purchasing volume of its members, a GPO negotiates contracts with vendors and suppliers for better pricing on the products and services its members use every day.

GPOs are common throughout the healthcare industry, which is where Innovatix got its start. We are now extending the deep discounts and hands-on service model we created for our thousands of healthcare members to all types of businesses and commercial organizations.

Watch this brief video to learn more about GPOs and discover how you can leverage Innovatix’s buying power to save 10%–73% on your total annual purchasing spend.

How Does a GPO Work?

Think of a GPO as similar to a “big box” membership club, but without a membership fee or warehouse facility. In these bulk stores, the more you buy, the more you save. GPOs work in a similar way. Members join Innovatix, choose which of our negotiated contracts they want to access, and place orders from the vendors in our portfolio. These are the same products, services, and vendors that members may already be using, but with discounted prices because of the combined purchasing volume. The result is significant savings for members on the products and services they use every day.

Is there a fee to join?

No. Innovatix Business & Industry members do not pay any type of fee and have no purchasing minimums. Just by signing up, our members enjoy access to our portfolio of hundreds of suppliers and contracts, through our parent company Premier. If you decide to purchase through one of our contracts, we receive a small administrative fee from the supplier based on our clients’ purchasing volume. Your business then enjoys the savings – it’s that simple!


We welcome your business to join Innovatix and start saving! To get started, please fill out our registration form, or call us at call 888-258-3273.



“With our current program, we spend $188,433 annually with (our office supply company). However, through Innovatix we are projected to spend $165,030 this year. By switching to Innovatix, we will save $23,403 or 12.4% this year alone.”

Global, full-service retail branding and sourcing company

“Our projected electric cost savings are $15,289.00 for this year and 75% annual savings in lighting usage compared to our existing lighting solution. This means we have $1,274 additional operating cash flow every month.”

New York City-based chain restaurant

“The over 70% shipping discount offered to non-profit organizations is exceptional. My experience has been nothing but positive.”

New York City-based art gallery

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