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Pushing Paper: Finding the Right Solution for Printing

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June 2016

In today’s competitive market, controlling overall costs is a business priority. But finding new ways to drive down costs without impacting business productivity can be a challenge.

One cost center that businesses may overlook is printing. Printing is often decentralized, leaving departments to make their own decisions about hardware, maintenance, supplies, and use. However, studies indicate that managing your printing fleet holistically can save you upwards of 30% on printing costs. And the savings increase considerably when the scope of work includes automating paper-intensive workflows.

Incorporating Managed Print Services

Managed print services (MPS), which are provided by external parties, optimize print infrastructure and document output. With an MPS strategy in place, your equipment aligns with your business goals, and your day-to-day printing becomes predictable, with minimal disruption.

According to research and advisory firm Gartner, office printing consumes 1%¬¬–3% of a company’s annual revenue. With MPS, you can streamline your print operations while reducing print and copy expenses. Additionally, MPS can simplify invoice processes to make it easier to manage costs and facilitate budget planning.

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Savings across the board:

Law offices can save 41% with the right managed print services, according to research firm InfoTrends, while financial firms and healthcare organizations can expect savings to average 33% and 27%, respectively.

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However, the MPS value proposition goes beyond dollars and cents. Additional benefits include the following:

Decreased environmental impact

Office printing has a tremendous impact on the environment—the average office employee consumes more than 10,000 pages of paper per year. Printers and copiers also use a large amount of electricity, since they use heat to fuse the toner to the paper.

Incorporating MPS often means fewer printing devices, which cuts waste and power consumption. Further, a more accurate picture of the way these machines are used enables IT professionals to implement resource-saving measures—such as double-sided printing—as well as have better control over ink and toner consumption.

Increased employee productivity

Delivering documents to the right location at the right time is at the heart of many workflows. Inefficient, outdated printers are prone to breakdowns, which hamper efficiency. With MPS, employees no longer need to handle day-to-day maintenance of output devices. The same is true for managing supplies. Some MPS software programs automatically report when ink and toner inventory is low (based on company-wide machine use) and automatically submit an order to the service provider for supplies. This shifts the responsibility away from internal staff, allowing them to complete core, revenue-generating activities rather than being burdened with maintenance and support issues.

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Risky business:

An IDC study found that over the past five years, 75.9% of respondents experienced a serious business risk or compliance issues as a direct result of ineffective document processes.

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Heightened security

As workflows continue to require sharing documents in both hard copy and digital formats, businesses need effective strategies for managing risk and meeting regulatory compliance. No matter the size of your organization or the industry in which you operate, your documents likely hold critical, sensitive information. By deploying MPS, you help ensure that only the right people have access to your information.

Managed print services—such as those offered by Innovatix contracted suppliers Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Xerox—are more than just tools for cutting costs. They offer you a strategy for transforming the flow of print and digital information throughout your organization.

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Innovatix Managed Print Services Suppliers:

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Konica Minolta



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