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Clean and Green: Janitorial and Sanitation Solutions that Benefit Your Business

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May 2016

For some, spring cleaning is an opportunity to get rid of that box of VHS tapes that’s been cluttering up the garage since 1997. For enterprising businesses, spring cleaning is an opportunity to think about whether you’re getting the best results from your janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) supplies and services.

While going green is a catchphrase that business managers may associate with higher costs, that’s not necessarily the case for JanSan. The JanSan industry has been on the leading edge of producing sustainable products since 1993, when President Clinton signed an executive order mandating the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products in all federal facilities. Today, using green JanSan products can support business goals, such as lower costs, healthier employees, and customer retention. And even if these products don’t always meet your particular business needs, they open the door to a discussion about the effectiveness of your JanSan strategy.

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