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Building Brand Ambassadors: Tips for Keeping Employees Engaged

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October 2015

Businesses often focus their branding efforts on such activities as advertising campaigns and media placements. Yet one of the most powerful brand assets every company has is its people. Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, building a strong brand requires that employees feel connected to the business and understand their role as brand ambassadors.

In fact, the Edelman Trust Barometer, a trust and credibility survey that uses data from more than 30,000 people, found that rank and file employees have more credibility than C-suite executives. While this might seem like bad news for companies, it’s also a tremendous opportunity. By turning employees into trusted brand ambassadors, organizations bring their strongest asset and most vocal advocates in direct contact with their customer base.

So, how can you engage your staff effectively and turn them into brand ambassadors?

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“Beyond Recognition:”

A recent Gallup State of the American Workplace survey found that employees who know that they will receive recognition for acting on the brand promise will have a strong incentive to do so.

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Celebrate achievements

If your employees are doing great things for you, it’s important to recognize their achievements. While everyone looks forward to raises and promotions, smaller tokens of appreciation go a long way toward motivating employees and building loyalty. Trophies, plaques, and thank you awards, such as those offered by Innovatix contracted supplier Positive Promotions, are a great way to acknowledge employees for their dedication and hard work. Consider recognizing top performers at your company’s holiday party, or give a monthly award to team members who go above and beyond.

While the cost is small, the benefits of such employee recognition are significant. They include

  • reduced turnover: according to a survey conducted by Forbes, companies that landed in the top 20% for building a “recognition-rich culture” had a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate;
  • improved team culture: a culture of recognition breeds employee engagement, making your workplace somewhere employees want to be; and
  • increased performance: motivated and driven employees produce exceptional results—they are invested in their work and the company as a whole.
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“Engaged for Success:”

A report by Towers Watson found that strong employee recognition by managers increases engagement by almost 60%.

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Give employees the opportunity to be the billboard

Once employees feel engaged with your business’s brand, it’s important to provide them with tangible ways to be brand advocates. One option is corporate apparel, which is an affordable, highly effective branding method.

Corporate apparel can improve your business’s image among employees and potential customers by promoting awareness, professionalism, and loyalty. Branded apparel also drives engagement with potential customers. For example, when someone recognizes your employee’s brand on shirt, it provides an opening to deliver your business message. Corporate apparel also boosts people’s perception of a company’s credibility and expertise.

Innovatix contracted supplier American Solutions for Business offers access to thousands of customizable, branded products ranging from totes to polos and caps. With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to think about corporate apparel – whether it’s for day-to-day wear for the sales force or for brand-reinforcing events like trade shows.

Remember, your employees are often the first and most memorable interaction customers have with your brand. A small investment to get them more engaged can pay big dividends.

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