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Clean and Green: Janitorial and Sanitation Solutions that Benefit Your Business

For some, spring cleaning is an opportunity to get rid of that box of VHS tapes that’s been cluttering up the garage since 1997. For enterprising businesses, spring cleaning is an opportunity to think about whether you’re getting the best results from your janitorial and sanitation (JanSan) supplies and services.

While going green is a catchphrase that business managers may associate with higher costs, that’s not necessarily the case for JanSan.

While going green is a catchphrase that business managers may associate with higher costs, that’s not necessarily the case for JanSan…

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Safe and Secure: Best Business Practices in Online Security

In the wake of continued high-profile data breaches, safeguarding intellectual property, financial records, and consumers’ personal information has become more critical than ever. Although news headlines tend to highlight wide-scale attacks against large organizations—think J.P. Morgan Chase, Target, and Anthem—most attacks aren’t on such a grand scale. In fact, 77% of global cyber crime is targeted at small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Adding insult to injury, business disruptions average around $940,000 per breach, a cost that can devastate an SMB.
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Fill ‘er up: Meeting Your Business Fuel Needs

Like many Americans, you may think about fuel frequently. Gas prices are often a leading news story, and nearly every car commercial assures us of better gas mileage. However, most people are far less likely to think about fuel as a commodity business expense. For any business that uses delivery vans, repair trucks, passenger buses, on-site maintenance vehicles, or generators, having a safe, convenient, cost-effective fuel source is vital for daily operations. Business owners and managers face a variety of fuel supply choices. But finding the optimal way to keep your business fueled up can lead to significant savings.
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Delivering the Goods: Managing Your Inbound and Outbound Shipping

Running a profitable business requires balancing a variety of priorities—from ordering inventory to client prospecting to sales conversions. With all of these complex processes to manage, shipping costs are likely the last thing on your mind. But in today’s on-demand economy, shipping can make or break your business. Unfortunately, many companies put little thought into their shipping strategy or avoid it altogether.
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